Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Duckfish Cork Floaters (Craft Project)

With summer here, I got to thinking about water and that reminded me of one of my favorite childhood crafts: cork floaters!

Materials you will need:
  • a large cork topper (ask your parents)
  • safety scissors (parents)
  • a thumbtack (maybe you should do this with your parents)
  • crayons
  • cardboard
Have a parent or a guardian cut the cork topper in half (you could make two separate floaters out of one cork.)

Place the cork half flat on a surface and use your scissors to carve out a slot on the top of the cork. (You can also have an adult carve out the slot by using a knife.) The slot should be thin enough to hold paper snug.

Take your cardboard and draw the outline of the creature that you want to create. Here I made my good friend Duckfish. Make sure that at the bottom of the creature you create a bit that sticks out.

Use the crayons to color the entire surface.  Make sure to be thorough, the wax in the crayons will waterproof your creature!

Insert that bit of cardboard into the slit you cut in the cork.

Take your thumbtack and attach it to the underside of the cork. This will weigh the floater down in the water so that it doesn't roll.

Wait . . . something is wrong . . .

Sometimes whenever you try something new it doesn't work out the way that you planned. That's ok! We learn from our mistakes and try again until we figure it out. In this case, the duckfish was too large for what the cork could support. So I made another, smaller, Duckfish.

Aww, he's still cute! Time to go for a swim little guy . . .

Awesome! Here he is enjoying my bird bath. And then getting blown into the corner by the wind . . .

What is a Duckfish anyway? Who cares! 

What kind of things will you create with your children? Share them @ajcosmokids!

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